Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolved for Adventure

To resolve, according to the dictionary, means to come to a definite decision and determine to do something; to make up one’s mind. So moving into the new year, what do I resolve and why?

Well, one thing is that I will buy a calendar since my 2011 Kliban cat calendar doesn’t really work for 2012. That’s more of a practical resolution. Along with the new calendar, I guess cleaning the house over the next couple of days before a party here on Saturday falls into that category too. But beyond that, I don’t have a lot of resolutions.

I’m taking a new approach this year and creating more of a treasure map than a road map.

Treasure maps are fun, they are the things of which dreams are made. Think about it for a moment and picture a treasure map in your mind. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I bet it was brown with age, curling at the edges and tattered. Did yours have big, thick broken dashes curving and swooping across the page to mark the route? Did it have a skull and cross bones on it? An ornate compass rose? How many cool, scary names of places were on there? Was there a big X to mark the spot?

Mine starts in 2011 and ends with an X over a treasure chest labeled "2013" and most of it can’t be read yet. It wanders through dangerous swamps like “save money” and “lose weight/get healthy.” (Not surprisingly both swamps have a distinct pig-like shape.) One corner has a robot built of Legos on it and another has an ornate feathered quill hovering over a parchment labeled “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” the famous unanswered question posed to us by Lewis Carroll. There is a runner passing through the “half marathon” ribbon. The path is still unclear in how it is all connected. I suspect that it will be come clearer as the year progresses. As it becomes clearer, I'll draw in the dashes connecting the various sections.

I decided on a treasure map after I looked at my traditional list and realized it reminded me of something (other than every previous resolution list). It reminded me of a grocery list and I had to ask myself: isn’t life more exciting than something that looks like: milk, eggs, bread....? I didn’t need another to-do or check list. I needed something to remind me what the year is full of new adventures.

I’m saving the check list for the practical “buy a calendar, clean the house, go food shopping, etc.” stuff. For resolutions, I’ll seek out the treasures the year is hiding.

After all, I deserve an adventure.

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