Sunday, September 21, 2014

Farewell Summer

It is the last day of astronomical summer and it's beautiful out. Fall has started to creep in around the edges, but today is sunny and warm and a real rag top kind of day. 

As I drove down the highway on the way to visit my mom, I put iTunes on shuffle to see if the secret mood selector was working today. It was mixing along nicely when I was passing Dorchester Bay and "Blue Roses Falling" started playing. 

Now I admit I love Jake Shimabukuro but in that moment, I felt summer would last forever. 

While I waited for my mom's activity to finish up, I took a walk next door to visit Abagail Adam's garden and muse a bit. 

Summer will officially end in a few hours, but sitting on a bench at Peacefield, listening to Jake play while recording these thoughts on modern technology, I am at peace. 

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