Monday, November 10, 2014

A squirrel with plan

Really, is there anything more dangerous?

Actually, this whole thing has taken an odd twist and it looks like Bob is about to take on a large flock of starlings.  Why is it that my books always take these odd turns?


“This is our town now.  I suggest you get your furry rodent butts out of here and find someplace new to live.  We own this town.”

“Yeah,” chirped a couple of smaller birds behind the tough guy.

Bob summed them up.  He remembered his father telling him once that bullies are weak without their chorus.  You can’t always beat them but you should never give into them.

“Do you know who I am?” Bob asked casually.

The small starlings twittered in laughter when all of a sudden the big bird took a close look.

“You’re that squirrel that took on the raccoons aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“You think you’re going to take us on do you?”

“Let’s just say I’m very protective of my dray.  I’m giving you a chance.  Stay on the Starbucks side of the block and you can have the whole commercial area, but if you try to cross to the parking lot and beyond, I will unleash a fury of hell’s fire on you.”

The starlings laughed.

“Yuck it up now.  You won’t be laughing when a polar bear with a chain saw shows up to cut down your habitat or maybe it will just be a monkey with an axe.  No matter what it is, it will be ugly.  It will be violent and it will make you sorry you ever pissed me off.”

“Good luck to you and the Boston Red Sox buddy.”

“The name is Bob and I don’t need luck.”

He turned around casually and slowly walked away.  He could hear the laughter change from mocking to nervous.  He had shaken them and the gauntlet had been thrown down.

Now all he needed was a plan.

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