Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Feeding The Lions

They circle around me.
Slowly, stealthily the move with 
Deliberate motion.

"Feed me meNOW," they cry
Spiraling in closer
Until finally they brush against my legs.

One in the front, one in the back, with 
Plaintive meows of the starving.
"Feed me, it's been nine whole hours,"
they complain.

The kibble crunches in the bowl and
I pivot to feed them, but two little bodies
Attached to two little heads block my path.

"Is that for me?" they cry.
"I have your breakfast,' I sing.
I make up the words to song tunes and
I feel as if it pleases them,  
so I keep singing.

Time to feed my lions and make them purr.
Time to feed my lions and stroke their fur.
They like their crunchings.
They like their munchings.
Time to fee my lions and make them purr.

A quick rub agains my legs tells me
they are pleased with their song and they part
like Moses parting the Red Sea
and let me place their food in their spot
as they turn back into 
my gray stripey Maine Coon cat and

his furry purry ball of love black cat brother.

The lions are gone...
for now.

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