Friday, November 4, 2011

Story Four: ???

What do you do when you write 1800 words but don't like the story?

Yesterday I wrote a story about a girl and her brother at a game in 1975. It was rambling, unfocused and needs a great deal of work. So here's my dilemma, do I post it or not? In situations like this I do what most writers do: sit on it until it's ready to unfold properly.

So today there is no story posted. Siobhan and Sean need to find the voice and conversation they want to have while watching Bill Lee pitch. Sean needs to figure out if he needs to protect his sister from the blinders and narrow thinking of parochial thinking of Southie in the 70's even though the world is changing, does he want to be amazed at how his sister watches baseball or does he want help her understand the world is changing to a point that she needs follow her heart instead of what's expected of her.

Siobhan has to figure out if she needs strength or confidence or just fine with where she is.

So... no story being posted today. Perhaps later this month it will want to be rewritten. Maybe it's wants to be longer than a story. We shall see. But I promise that there will be one tomorrow if not a shorter one later today.

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