Monday, July 27, 2015

Rhythm Romance With My Shoes

My favorite running shoe.  Thank you nice
person at Brooks who sent them to me after
the Trance knocked me out of commission.
A serious ankle roll as a result of last winter's phenomenal amount of snow fall in Boston left me sidelined for far too long this year.

About four weeks ago, I began running again.  I've been enjoying going out for my run/walks (.25 miles run/.25 miles walk/repeat) and my pace is finally starting to pick up a little.  Four miles is starting to become comfortable again.  I'm finding new spots along area rivers to explore.  It has been an enjoyable cycle this time through.  Even in Ohio last week running along the marshes of Lake Erie near Sandusky was enjoyable (except for when I ran down a hiking trail and through a spider web that had me squeal and shriek like a 5 year old).

Today's run started with an old Nils Lofgren song "I Came to Dance" from the disco era.  It's one of the few from that time period that I still remember and love.  It's a song about an artist and his manager arguing about commercial viability vs artistic integrity.  The artist declares he's having a "rhythm romance with my shoes" as all he wants to do is make music that makes people dance.

That's how it felt today, I was having a rhythm romance with my shoes.  Moving in time with a nostalgic playlist from that around that era, to the sound of the coach on the launch yelling to the rowers through his bullhorn, to the movement of the cars and other runners.  Today was definitely about rhythm.

It wasn't an easy run but it was an enjoyable one and that's all I ask for these days, to enjoy my running.  If all goes as plan, I should be running the Tufts 10k in October this year.  After that I want to stay in at least 10k shape with a regular 7 mile run.  Until then, when I'm out running I will remind myself that I came to run as I continue my rhythm romance with my shoes.

If you don't remember the song (or weren't around for when it came out) here's a reminder:

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