Friday, April 18, 2014

I Hate You Asthma

Ask someone to describe what they think it feels like to not be able to breath and they will most likely think of hands wrapped around their throats.

Not me, I think of a cage around my lungs, not allow them to expand.

This morning I was reminded, once again, why asthma sucks.

I was excited to run.  I have new running shoes that I'm itching to break in, I had the day off from work - extending April Vacation for a day and just knew this would be a good morning to hit the hills of Brookline with November Project and kick off Boston Marathon weekend on a strong note.

I was lacing up my shoes when it happened.  The stiffening of my chest, the filling of my sinuses, the struggle for air.  Rescue inhaler at hand, I took a few puffs and waited the moments until my chest could move freely again.  But going for a run?  I can do that so long as my inhaler in my pocket but then the weather report came on and it was 30* out, below freezing.

Had it been in the 40's or higher, yeah I could do that but below freezing... not gonna happen.

I looked at the shoes on my feet and sighed.  They would have to wait until tomorrow to touch the pavement and begin to find their purpose in this universe and so would I.

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